is the method of treating the root cause of various diseases based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Chinese or western herbs.
For some diseases herbs are more effective than acupuncture or herbal therapy can support acupuncture treatment. For problems such as bladder infection, infertility, fibroids, liver diseases and overweight the best effects are achieved when a combination of herbs and acupuncture is used.

Medicinal Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to cure diseases and alleviate discomfort due to many different disorders. The first herbal classic written in china was published in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) called the Agriculture Emperors Materia Medica. The first plants discovered and used were usually for digestive system disorders (i.e. Da Huang ) and slowly as more herbs were discovered the herbs became more useful for an increasing number of ailments and herbal tonics were created.
Every herb has its own properties which include its energy, its flavor, its movement and its related meridians to which it connects too.
Each herb will have a corresponding meridian or meridians to which it will correspond to. For example; Jie Geng corresponds to the lungs and can be used for asthma or cough. Rib pain and sore eyes relate to the liver so as Gou Teng has an affinity for the liver meridian it can be used for the treatment of liver diseases.

Food Theraphy
Traditional Chinese medicine involves ordinary food as a part of remedies. Chinese system of food cures uses the healing properties of food by distinguish their specific flavors, energy, movement and action. By selecting vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, legumes according to the personal body constitution and needs, this therapy can resolve many problems as overweight, ulcers, insomnia, headache, allergies, anemia, menstrual problems, kidney disease, menopause and more. You probably already know that garlic lowers blood cholesterol and walnuts reduce occurrence of heart disease.

Using the Chinese diagnosis method you will gain knowledge which food is suitable for you and what you should avoid. Combination of Western and Chinese diet schemes will give you more understanding of your personal body needs. Chinese system of food cures is not just an ordinary diet.

Help comes with the needles.....
Quality of Herbs
The guidelines of the Canadian government are thoroghly followed and only fully qualified Chinese medicine suppliers are used. We guarantee that all herbal products we use are from reliable manufacturers and meet the requirements of Ontario government's food quality control.